Managing the complexity of product variety!
New investments make it possible to improve reduces delivery lead times. Now we act more flexible and faster to customer orders and managing the own processes in a more optimised way.

The new PVP-App!
Noise minimisation is one of the greatest challenges of our age! We’ve got the best solutions for your individual demands!

Following recent publicity in the Netherlands about the potential health hazards of certain rubber granules used as infill in artificial turf, The European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturers, represented by ETRMA, would first of all like to stress that they will never compromise on human health.

It is now a fact, RISING stars came to the fore on Qatar Trophies and Gold Sword day, at the Racing and Equestrian Club on Thursday 6 February.

Neu- oder Sekundärstoff? Eine Frage der Philospohie

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