The performance characteristics of indoor sport floors in multipurpose sport halls are not only dependent on the final surface, but also on the shock pad underneath. The PVP SPORTMAT GF1-730 shock pads deliver excellent athletic properties and are the ideal solution in the construction of sport floors for multi sport use. The point elastic sport surface possess good elasticity and force reduction characteristics as well as fullfilling a protective function for the athletes’ joints and muscles. The sport surface ensures point spring deflection with good ball behaviour for all types of ball sports. PVP can deliver either the complete floor system including all PUR elastomer layers and final top
finish or just the shock pads to customer specification. PVP shock pads are the ideal solution especially in the reconstruction of existing sport halls with old timber flooring.

  • Consistent force reduction properties according to EN 14904
  • Good ball bounce characteristics
  • Excellent resistibility
  • Uniform Elasticity and high load carrying capacity
  • Excellent shock absorption and sound insulation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Provides the perfect substructure

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