PVP-Fall Protection

– Surfaces with shape and colours –

All kinds of modern playgrounds and recreational facilities benefit from the design potential of forms and colours. Coloured fall protection sheets allow you to add fantasy to maximum safety. Accident and injury prevention play an important role especially for playgrounds and play facilities. The purpose of fall protection sheets is to cushion a fall from above a certain height and thus to minimise injuries. The critical fall height required depends upon the purpose of the surface, the equipment installed, and is determined for construction using the standardised HIC measure (head injury criterion). Different classes of all protection sheets and panels (according to fall height) can be ordered according to various thicknesses and/ or densities. PVP fall protection panels, made of rubber granulate bonded with polyurethane are suitable for floor covering on children’s playgrounds, in kindergartens, in front of climbing walls, on school grounds, in facilities for the handicapped, in old-age homes and assisted care residences.

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